She wore a Motley Crue t-shirt

The girl in the t-shirt

Everyone in Grade 4 Mundy was going to Shannon’s party.

Shannon was fantastic. She had an older sister who loaned her cool clothes, she liked Motley Crue and ran faster the boys during chasey. We both had mullets and, if the wind blew just right, we looked like famous musicians.

Rumour was that there would be Spin The Bottle. Everyone wanted to play Spin The Bottle but me. Spin The Bottle scared me. I told my parents about Spin The Bottle.

They spoke to Shannon’s parents, smiling but serious.

There will be no Spin The Bottle at the party.

Handshake, pat on back. Part ways confidently.

Shannon’s party was everything I’d dreamed it would be: She in a black t-shirt, boys in stonewash jeans, Bon Jovi on vinyl, helium balloons covering the ceiling…

And Spin The Bottle.

Closed mouths first then closed-with-cuddle…

Her parents stood with half-empty cans in the doorway, rasping their smoky-throated encouragement.

I only had to spin that thing once and I was transformed.

Up close, her face looked like a Picasso painting.


~ by Daniel Townsend on January 21, 2013.

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