Cash Converters and the Circle of Life


For my 15th birthday, my folks had bought me a beautiful matte-finish acoustic from Cash Converters. Played it til my fingers bled…

I used to have to get that thing to Year 11 Music Class twice a week, as if I needed any help strengthening my right arm.

It took me two buses to get to school. Caught the 741 from the corner of Seaford and Commercial, sat on chewing gummed bench seats at the terminal until the double-length 721 accordion arrived. Didn’t even own a Walkman.

I would lodge the guitar case in the rack above the front left wheel, then pinball my way towards the back seats. Mum used to tell me to sit closer to my guitar. I was more interested in expressing my individuality, like all the other teenagers.

I rarely actually occupied the rear. It was usually filled with Alpha males and I was, at best, an Iota or Kappa male. The fact that I even knew these letters, in reality, would lead those A boys to question my masculinity entirely.

Nevertheless, I was usually back there somewhere.

On this particular day, however, I was the guy who opened for the rest of the alphabet.

I was, as it were, the captain of the A Team.

I was the Alpha Male.

Actually, I was the only male. On that 721 I was like the groundskeeper at an all-girls’ school and I surveyed my territory with pride. I glowed with that good-time Alpha vibe for the rest of the morning.

Just before middle block, a fellow guitarist asked me if I was ready for our final rehearsal of Every Breath You Take.

Insert record needle scratch here. Even better, insert slightly echoey voice of my mother telling me to sit closer to my guitar on the bus. Maybe even insert a soft-focused clip of my mother saying these words in a cloud to the left of my shocked-looking head.

Overcome by my Alpha masculinity, I had also left my brain at the front door that morning.

No doubt a few months later, somebody bought that thing from a Cash Converters.



~ by Daniel Townsend on January 28, 2013.

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