Like fire on a house IV

dirty nailsJack was guileless. Once, a friend and I took him and one of his friends out for a day trip. Two men and two young fellas in a car for a day – it was a riot.

The boys reminded me of puppies, yapping and playing constantly until one would nip the other and then there would be a fight. A minute later, they would be playing again.

We’d been driving for half an hour when, out of the blue, Jack says “One time when I was praying I asked what I would do when I growed up and I heard singing.”

In the front seats, my friend and I looked at each other with wide, curious eyes.

Straight away, Jack’s mate says “That would have been God and all of his little helpers.”

“Mmm,” says Jack carelessly. “Let’s play Eye Spy.”

Jack said he spied something starting with R. It took us two country towns and a hell of a lot of highway to work out the worst speller in 4/5 Edwards was spying the windshield.

We laughed all the way through Longford.

Based on a story in Godfings (2011).


~ by Daniel Townsend on April 15, 2013.

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