It took me all afternoon II

Frogger_game_arcadePaulina and I sit at the Blue Desk with Carrie and Laura.

One time, I thought it was a good idea to write all my girlfriends’ names down somewhere, since I had so many.

I got the idea from Mrs Yeoland. Kevin Plunkett had brang a book for Show And Tell and it was black and looked important and she said “Does it have all your girlfriends’ names in the back?” and Kevin’s face went real red.

But it made sense to me. None of my girlfriends knew they were my girlfriend because I’d never told them. And I had heaps.

That afternoon, I asked Mum if I could have an important-looking black book. She gave me one that said Addresses in gold swirly letters on the cover. It also said Pocket-Sized but it only fit into the big pockets on my scratchy duffle coat.

When I brang the book to school for Show And Tell, Mrs Yeoland said she was very surprised.

I put the book on my desk near the pencil pot, just in case I’d need it.

During Spelling, the girls were whispering. Then Laura told me it was my turn on the computer even though it wasn’t Computer Time. I was the only one and I played Frogger for ages.

When I came back, Paulina and my Blue Desk girlfriends were laughing at me.

At home, I crossed out two names.


~ by Daniel Townsend on May 8, 2013.

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