It took me all afternoon III


Daniel sits at at the Blue Desk with me and Laura and the girl from another country.

In Term One he writ the names of all the girls he reckoned were his girlfriends in an address book and left the book on the desk and we readed it and all our names were writ in there. I thought that he would laugh when he found out but he wouldn’t look at us and just did his spelling and kept his mouth real closed.

He got in trouble today.

Yesterday I played at his house. He’s got a pool and a dog and a little sister who’s so cute.

First we bounced on his trampoline. Then we played in his bedroom and listened to his tape but it got chewed up in the tape player and he had to take it out and spin it on a pencil.

Then we drew pictures of the girl who comes from another country. Daniel said we should pretend we are other kids and use their handwriting and write things about her in their writing. He drew a rude picture and wrote some nasty things in real small letters, like how Leigh writes.

Today he couldn’t find his reader so Mrs Yeoland helped him empty his bag and that’s when he got in trouble for the picture.

When he came back from Mrs Brown’s office, he wouldn’t look at us and just kept his mouth real closed.

I think he’ll know how to keep secrets now.


~ by Daniel Townsend on May 16, 2013.

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