Help wanted II

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Why didn’t I walk away?

When the man behind the pizza store counter was smiling at me with his mouth, the mouths of the three other workers were pursed. When his eyes were looking at me, six other eyes were looking fearfully toward him. And when he finally spoke, his folded arms betrayed him.

I read it all and made like I didn’t know the language.

He looked over my head and said Be good to have another driver around, while the Chiko advertisement behind him said you are not enough, the magazine on the bench said you need this and the cash register said I will take whatever you give me.

And, since nobody else was saying anything, I said Yes.

I smiled, nodded and promised to return on Monday. He smiled, nodded and promised money and free pizza.

But only one of us was speaking truth.

And within eighteen months, the Police would ask me to translate.


~ by Daniel Townsend on June 18, 2013.

One Response to “Help wanted II”

  1. I’m hooked, i need to know what happens!

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