The band II

Christmas decorations

As the school year was being tied into gaudy red bows in that lower socio-economic Eden, a new sun was smoldering above the smog and, somewhere beneath my skin, a new light had begun to burn.

That morning, with the council Christmas baubles swaying overhead, a new thought was dawning within me.

I’d had an idea.

Let there be light… (Didn’t it all start with an idea shared?)

Let the waters be gathered… (Why don’t we actually play some music together?)

Let there be land… (With real instruments, not just tennis rackets?)

Let us make man in our own image… (On a stage with lights and a video camera?)

Let there be rock!

We would put on a show! We would borrow instruments, lights, hire the school hall, borrow a video camera and film the whole thing! And we would have to do it before summer break, when I knew my family was moving interstate.

That left us with ten school days to put on The Show Of The Century.  It had to happen.

Schoolbag heaving left and right, I sprinted through the school gate in search of our drummer.

Adam D’s hair was always neatly parted. His mother ironed seams into the front of his jeans and he tucked his t-shirts in. When he laughed, he covered his mouth with a precisely fingernailed hand. His socks had fully functioning elastic at the tops.

I found him in the library. I told him we would be doing a concert on a stage with real instruments under lights with somebody filming us. He said OK.

Our guitarist and vocalist were both away that day. At recess, someone said they saw them over the road at the milk bar.

That left us with nine days.


~ by Daniel Townsend on October 14, 2013.

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