The sound of one man clapping VII

Bass Guitar

Everyone knew that a band’s busyness was evidence of their credibility. That’s why street press journalists always said such-and-such “took time out from their busy touring schedule” to talk to them.

Nowadays, everyone checks a band’s number of Likes for the same reason. It’s all bollocks, but nobody much seems to mind.

So, pre-Millennium Bug, we booked ourselves heaps of gigs.

Once we had two on the same night. One was an early evening support slot at a southern footy club and the second was a post-midnight set in a city pub.

Drive, set up, sound check, play, feedback in the foldback, play, break sticks, play, pack up, drive.

We even took time out of our busy schedule to loiter near the street press guy who would later include our band name in his gig review. Misspelled, but phonetically very close.


The organisers of the second show paid the bands by asking each punter, as they arrived, to state which of the twenty bands they were coming to see. The guy on the door had a list and would then put a little tick next to your band’s misspelled name and the punter’s money would end up in your pocket at the end of the night.

If you said you were coming to see more than one band, or all the bands, the guy on the door had no idea what to do.

When we split the cash at dawn there was money enough for each of us to buy a kebab with coins left over for our ash tray (cash tray).


~ by Daniel Townsend on June 13, 2015.

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