The sound of one man clapping VIII

Pop Filter

They say you get what you pay for, so when we saw an ad in the street press for a studio with cheap recording rates we should have known what was coming.

We called up and asked to book eight hours to record, mix and master our debut EP. The engineer said this would be fine. We practiced wholeheartedly, deluding ourselves into believing this would improve the outcome.

The pop filter on the vocal mic was taken from a reused stocking which had belonged to the engineer’s ex-girlfriend. So, for the better part of that day, Danny was singing through a section of the nylon which had once warmed the leg of an unnamed 40-something woman.

We left that studio with a new CD in our hands and granny leg DNA on Danny’s lips. In retrospect, we probably got more than what we paid for.


~ by Daniel Townsend on June 28, 2015.

One Response to “The sound of one man clapping VIII”

  1. Don’t knock Granny DNA!! But then again, I haven’t worn a pair of pantyhose since 1987.

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