The sound of one man clapping IX

Scratched CDWe couldn’t give those things away.

We’d even had band meetings about titles, track listings and cover art. We figured democracy would make us great, but it just made us dumber. Insanity in groups is the norm, you know.

After democratically downing a carton and giggling with the tired sillies, we decided to give the EP two names so that if you looked at the front, it was called Prologue, but if you held the CD upside-down it was called Slightly Miffed at Technology, an in-joke reference to a similarly named rap-metal band.

We did the cover art ourselves and enlisted the help of a friend-of-a-friend, who worked at a printing press, to turn our dreams into shiny papered reality. We printed the lot under cover of night, loudly promising to pay him in beer. He kept telling us to be quiet and told us we would have to cut and fold everything ourselves. He seemed kind of nervous.

We burned our six masterpieces onto Princo blanks.

In keeping with everything else we had done to that point, people were underwhelmed by our debut. Good thing we put the lyrics in the cover, so that our genius could finally be seen for what it was: Whelming.

Also, we misspelled one of the song names on the back.


~ by Daniel Townsend on November 15, 2015.

One Response to “The sound of one man clapping IX”

  1. that’s rock n roll mate!

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