The sound of one man clapping X

THE PACE 09Having produced our first CD, we could now book gigs with even greater idealism. We had made a record, and that reason alone was enough to convince us the offer of a show at the museum seemed like a good idea.

The concert series was called “Out of the Glass Case, Onto the Show Case” and it was to be held on a massive stage out the front of the museum in the city. A lighting rig, a sound guy and a sheltered backstage area. We three punks had never played a show like it.

We were booked for a Sunday morning performance, out the front of the museum. (You might like to read that sentence again. It’s a beauty.)

Even our girlfriends didn’t turn up to that one.

When we finished our set the sound guy told us, through the multiple high powered fold-back speakers, that we still had five minutes left. We told him, through the giant stack of front-of-house speakers, that we had already played all of our songs. He told us to play the first one again.

Sunday morning at the museum.

We packed up in sabbath silence and were home in time for lunch.


~ by Daniel Townsend on November 22, 2015.

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