The sound of one man clapping XI


How do you know when your band is breaking up?

Sometimes you can see it happening, like when the bassist brings his new girlfriend to a rehearsal, but things are usually clearer by the time you are deciding who gets to keep that microphone stand you bought with band money and what to do with the seven boxes of shrink-wrapped CDs.

In our case, things started to come unglued when we were invited to play third on the bill at a Gothic nightclub.

The problem wasn’t the punters or the promoter. It was the porn.

One member of our band had booked a nearby hotel room with some friends and they were planning to get drunk and watch a whole bunch of R-rated films.

That was weird. It was even weirder that he had negotiated for us to play first so he could get back to his night in.

The rest of us spent our gig money at the bar, surrounded by a thousand kinds of black.

That was definitely the end of something.


~ by Daniel Townsend on May 17, 2016.

One Response to “The sound of one man clapping XI”

  1. Hmm…glad I wasn’t there for that. Love the memories though.

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